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Sustainable Travel Plan is a project developed by LABMOB to be carried out in partnership with public or private organizations interested in executing corporate policies to promote clean and efficient alternatives to daily workforce commuting. 


  • The development of the Sustainable Travel Plan includes the diagnosis of commuting patterns and holistic and integrated actions to promote sustainable mobility pursuing to positively impact on organization's carbon footprint, on health and well-being's workforce, and on the organization's relationship with community and neighborhood.

  • In 2019, LABMOB developed a Sustainable Travel Plan for 3,500 BR Distribuidora workers located in the headquarters building (downtown Rio de Janeiro) and in the industrial plant (Duque de Caxias petrochemical complex, RJ, Brazil).

Collaboration: Laboratório de Vida Ativa (LaVA) - UERJ, PLANETT (COPPE-UFRJ), and Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

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