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Profile of Bike-Sharing Systems - Bike Itaú investigates some of the main features involved in the use and operation of five important Brazilian bike-sharing systems: Bike Rio, Bike São Paulo, Bike Pernambuco, Bike Porto Alegre, and Bike Salvador. Starting from three main thematic axes - (i) demographic characteristics, (ii) operation and urban configuration, (iii) impacts and benefits to well-being -, the work explores travel data from public bicycles, confronting them with other relevant factors from the reality of the cities in which Bike Itaú's systems are available. Thus, the study discusses issues such as the use of bicycles regarding social differences, the impacts of shared systems on health, in addition to pointing out guidelines for public policies on sustainable mobility and contributing to the dissemination of data on the topic from the Brazilian reality perspective.

Year: 2020

Support: Itaú

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